I learned at a young age that I was a Goddess. A force to be reckoned with. A free spirit who has a way with her words and knows her worth. I’m Goddess Sarabi Maraj a true elegant goddess. If you follow me on social media, you might know exactly what I’m all about, but if you don’t, then no worries. I’m here to reveal the most important things there is to know about me


I’m a financial domme who enjoys other fetishes. No financial domination is not all that I’m about, but tributes must be made no matter what type of d/s relationship I have. I get letters and emails daily from people asking if they can be my sissy house slave or my servant, and the answer for me is maybe depending on the circumstances. Some want a ltr with a Goddess they can fall in love with and live with on a daily basis. I do not seek this. Although I do cherish¬† all of my subs and slaves, I would not seek a relationship with them where we are speaking on terms of marriage. If you are looking for a lifetime partner, then exit now.


I seek those who want to give up most of their rights, if not all, and serve me online or in person. In order for you to serve me in person, you must verify yourself online first. I can count plenty of times where I met with a slave in real time and found out they were fake. They claimed they would tribute when we met, do what I asked of them, etc. I learned quickly that most people talk a good talk, but fall short when it comes to actually proving themselves. So now part of the screening process is to serve me online first through cam sessions, tasks, etc. This is non negotiable. If this does not interest you, exit now. All emails and/or letters I receive asking about real time sessions and you’ve never worshiped me online, will be trashed. It’s important to always read the rules. It will save you a lot of time and pain. Before you even contact me, read over my entire site.


Ebony breast worship is not just about real time sessions and online servitude. It’s about me creating a place of worship for all of my followers. With this site I’m taking things to the next level. Just as you may go to church on Sunday and praise your God, you will come here a few times a week and praise your Goddess. I am creating a specific place of Ebony Breast Worship here on the net and hopefully soon get a building where I can hold weekly worship sessions at in real time. For now, worship sessions will be held through podcasts and skype calls. You will be required to pay your tithes just like you would in a real church. 10% of your income should be donated weekly. If not weekly, the bare minimum would be monthly.